Quilting Products in Broomfield, CO

Any seasoned quilter will tell you that there’s no such thing as too many pattern or color options! At The Quilt Store, we know this for a fact, which is why we stock more than 3,000 different bolts of fabric and patterns of all styles and colors. Customers come to us for quilting products in Broomfield, CO because they know we’ll have what they’re looking for. From fabric to patterns, notions to books and more, we carry it all.



Looking for some inspiration for your next quilt? We’ve got numerous patterns to choose from, in styles for every preference. From simple quilts to patterns for special occasions, there’s bound to be a pattern that catches your eye and makes you want to get started on your next project.



Our fabrics span every color of the rainbow! From vibrant blues to deep reds, crisp yellows to rich greens and more, our fabrics are of the highest caliber and quality. We’ve also got patterned fabrics readily available to make sure your quilt turns out exactly as you planned.

quilting books


Want to learn a few tips and tracks outside of class? Pick up a good book! We’ve got a great assortment of quilting books that will help you improve your technique, master new ones and breathe inspiration into your quilting hobby.

quilting notions


For a truly personal and unique quilt, notions are a must-have. Our inventory contains a number of notions for any style of quilt, to help you put the decorative finishing touches on.

quilting accessories


No quilter is complete without a wide assortment of quilting accessories in Broomfield, CO! Come to us for seam rippers, marking pens, pins and more. We’ll keep your quilting kit fully stocked.

For more information about any of the quilting products we have in stock, stop by today! We invite you to walk around our 2,400 square feet of real estate space—we’re certain you’ll find everything you’re looking for.